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The advantages of gardening in grow boxes – less weeding, more control over water and fertilizer, and ease of tending and harvesting – are well documented. This set of stacking corners gives you everything you need, except the lumber, to build a raised-bed grow box.

Although you can make boxes of any height (in multiples of 7 1/2"), a three-tier box gives you a bed deep enough to be both effective and convenient. Tall people might want four tiers for best height. Nominal 1" × 8" wide material (which is actually 7 1/2" wide when dressed) is most suitable, but 2" × 8" material can be used if chamfered for fit.

The kit includes enough hardware to make one tier about 8" high: four heavy-gauge galvanized steel stacking corners, screws for fastening the lumber, and instructions. Boxes should be no longer than 12' to prevent excessive bowing in the middle and no wider than 5' so you can reach across them comfortably. Most are made 4' wide and 8' long.

The kit is also good for making a stacking composter or removable sides for wagons or utility trailers, which can be collapsed flat for storage when not in use.

Made in Sweden.

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