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Providing an easy way to grow an abundant crop of vegetables, this planter combines an integral self-watering system and protective covers to help plants thrive through the seasons.

The medium planter measures 39" × 39". Well made from UV-stable plastic that resists cracking and fading, it has a growing depth of 10" and contains slotted inserts that support the soil above a built-in reservoir. The soil wicks moisture up from the reservoir as needed, keeping plants watered while you are away or during extended periods of hot, dry weather.

The removable hinged cover offers easy access to plants and has a permeable mesh that lets in air, sunlight and rain while protecting plants from pests and harsh weather. At 27" tall, it provides ample clearance for growing small to medium-sized vegetables. When connected to a water source, a misting line integrated into the cover's frame emits a gentle spray over the entire planting area, ideal for raising delicate seedlings.

For a head start on the growing season or to prolong it in colder months, the included 12 mil thick PVC frost cover fits over the mesh, creating a microclimate by trapping heat and moisture.

Assembly required; instructions and hardware included. An effective above-ground system that is highly recommended.

Optional stand sold separately.


Small Vegepod

Size: 19" × 39"

Planting area: 5.1 sq.ft.

Soil volume: 100 litres (3.5 cu.ft.)

Reservoir capacity: 16 litres (4.2 U.S. gal.)

Medium Vegepod

Size: 39" × 39"

Planting area: 10.6 sq.ft.

Soil volume: 225 litres (7.9 cu.ft.)

Reservoir capacity: 32 litres (8.5 U.S. gal.)

Large Vegepod

Size: 39" × 78"

Planting area: 21.1 sq.ft.

Soil volume: 450 litres (15.9 cu.ft.)

Reservoir capacity: 64 litres (16.9 U.S. gal.)

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