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The advantage of this seed starter lies in the modular design, allowing you to group seedlings in 12 individual six-cell units. You can treat smaller seedlings separately or at different times to align with their distinct growing cycles and lighting requirements. The units come in four colors (equal numbers of purple, blue, green and orange), useful for identifying plant groupings by species.

Each cell has slits in the sides to provide airflow to the roots and improve drainage, helping seedlings to germinate and grow quickly. A 3/8" hole in the bottom of each cell allows watering from below and lets you pop seedlings out for easy transplanting without disturbing the root system or damaging the stem and leaves.

Made of durable, UV-stable polypropylene plastic, all the units fit comfortably in a standard propagation tray (not included). Individual cells measure 1 1/2" square at the top and taper to 1" at the bottom. Top rack dishwasher safe.

Made in USA.

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