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These top-quality mats keep soil at a constant 10° to 20°F (6° to 11°C) above ambient temperature to hasten seed germination or root development in seedlings and cuttings.

What sets the tough, vinyl mats apart from others is their superior patented construction. Sealed and double insulated, the mats have an IPX4 water-resistance rating, and each is fully bonded to the edges to prevent the heating elements from shifting. A built-in, patented safety fuse interrupts power to the mat in the event of a hot spot developing. The mats have also undergone a degassing process to prevent them from giving off a strong chemical odor in use.

Ideal for use with grow kits set up in cooler locations, such as an unheated basement or garage, or for providing supplemental heat at night for seedlings near a cold window. The mats are better suited for growing warm-temperature plants, tomatoes and peppers, for example, rather than cooler-weather plants such as radishes or lettuce.

cULus Listed. Effective with any non-insulated containers. (Styrofoam and expanded polystyrene are not to be used on heat mats, as they are poor heat conductors.)

Available in three sizes. The 8 3/4" × 19 1/2" small mat operates on 20W and is sized to hold a single standard seed tray. The 50W medium mat measures 20 3/4" × 20 3/4" and accommodates two seed trays; the 110W large size, at 20 3/4" × 48", can hold up to four seed trays.

Made in Mexico.

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