It is difficult to plant tiny seeds such as poppy, impatiens and lobelia by hand. Even small fingers are awkwardly large, unintentionally grabbing 10 or more speck-sized seeds at once and then depositing them en masse. Not only is this traditional method wasteful, but it also creates extra work by making it necessary to thin seedlings.

This seeder picks up and releases even the tiniest seeds one at a time with ease. Akin to a turkey baster, it works with a simple squeeze-and-release action to pick up and deposit a seed. You can plant single seeds as fast as you can move the seeder from your palm (or container) to the planting location.

Polypropylene with a brass-tipped nozzle, it comes with three color-coded nozzle attachments, each appropriate for a different range of seed sizes. A cap that snaps to the bottom of the seeder stores the nozzles in the seeder and can double nicely as a cup to hold seeds while planting.

Made in England.

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