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Coir (coconut husk) is an effective alternative to peat when starting plants. These coir grow strips have fibrous walls that absorb and retain water readily, allow air and water transfer for healthy root growth, and promote air pruning of roots. Planting them directly in the garden saves time, avoids mess and prevents transplant shock; once planted, roots penetrate easily, so plants become established quickly.

Convenient for starting seedlings, grow strips (one-piece units of multiple square cells) make efficient use of space, and you can carry several seedlings at one time (use scissors to separate cells for planting). Eight-cell grow strips measure about 5" × 10", with 2 1/4" square cells. Ten-cell strips measure 4" × 9 3/4", with 1 3/4" square cells. The smaller cells are more suitable for slower-growing plants.