XK904 - Soil Cube Mold



  • XK904 - Soil Cube Mold
    1 - $24.50

Soil Cube Mold

With this mold, it's easy to make your own soil cubes for starting seedlings. Filled with a simple potting mix that you prepare from coir, compost, sand and soil amendments (instructions included), the mold forms lightly compressed cubes of planting medium that are firm enough for handling, so no pots are required.

The mold makes twenty 3/4" cubes. It includes a removable insert that forms a dimple on top of the cube to accept a seed. Because the cubes hold moisture well and permit good aeration, seedlings germinate and grow quickly. As roots grow to the edges, they are naturally air pruned, forming a robust, fibrous root structure. When ready to be planted out, the cubes can be placed directly into the ground, saving you time and trouble, as well as minimizing transplant shock.

Produced by a small British firm, the mold is well made, easy to use, and reusable year after year.

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