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Though traditionally used by professional arborists as a guy for newly transplanted trees, this durable tape is a versatile tie for quickly and reliably securing materials.

Made of tough, rot-resistant polypropylene, the 3/4" wide ribbon-like material is flat-woven with rounded edges to provide a wide, smooth bearing surface that won't abrade or cut into surfaces.

The tape is also supple, making it easy to tie and untie – knots won't jam after loading.

Supplied in a 100' roll, the weave is strong (900 lb break strength) and lock-stitched to prevent fraying or unravelling when cut. One of our favorites, it comes well tested and recommended.

To use our arbor tape for staking young trees, we recommend using a loose slip knot above the lowest branch, then tying the other end to a ground stake. Leaving the tape slightly slack allows the roots to develop and support the tree on their own, yet ensures the tree is braced during strong winds. Secured in this way, it will hold well for several seasons, yet allows for tree growth and prevents accidental girdling.

Made in USA.

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