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A convenient length for working in raised beds or from a seated or kneeling position, these medium-handled garden tools are made to our specifications and will easily last a lifetime. About 23" long overall, they let you reach farther than typical hand tools while still being easy to maneuver. Besides the beech handles, all components are stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. The blades and tines are well formed and secured to the tangs with strong, smooth welds. Shaped for comfort, the handles are lacquered and have stainless-steel ferrules that cap the end grain to prevent swelling or splitting.

The trenching hoe has a 4" wide, 5 1/2" long spear-point blade that's equally useful for weeding, furrowing or breaking up soil. It has bevelled edges to slice under soil to sever roots and remove shallow-rooted weeds.

The three-prong cultivator has rounded tines that move through soil easily, aerating it while uprooting weeds.

The bed rake is 4" wide overall and has seven closely spaced tines, convenient for tidying up waste and debris as you work.

The crack weeder has a sharp slicing blade and thin-profile hook for weeding between walkway and patio stones.

The bulb planter has a narrow 1 3/4" wide, 5 3/4" long blade with a bevelled spear-point tip to penetrate soil easily.

All the tools are well balanced and surprisingly lightweight for their size. Available as a set of three tools (hoe, cultivator, weeder) or as a set of all five. Also sold individually.

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