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Growing heat-loving vegetables is tricky at best in most northern regions.

This pre-slit 0.8 mil polyethylene row cover, supported by the included hoops, greatly increases your chances of success by providing up to 4°F of frost protection and, more important, by elevating daytime temperatures by 10° to 30°F. The slits open and allow excess heat to escape during periods of extreme heat. At night and on cool days the slits remain flat and closed, reducing convective heat loss and maintaining higher interior temperatures. It can move up your first harvest date by two weeks and, with some crops (e.g., watermelon), it permits a crop where one would otherwise be impossible.

Film is 6'×50'. The 10 metal hoops are 76" long, and bend to cover a 3' wide row (about 20" high). Additional film and hoops are available separately.

Made in USA.

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