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Most of us keep a collection of used seed packages scattered all over the house or stuffed in a box or big envelope. (After all, who can bear to throw out perfectly good seeds even if they are 5 years old?) And if you harvest your own seed from open pollinated plants you have even more seeds to deal with and the problem just becomes worse.

To solve this problem, we designed the seed keeper, the ultimate seed saving device. First, it is all neatly contained in an attractive binder that fits on a bookshelf. Second, it has unique plastic sleeves with zip closures to keep moisture out and the seeds in (so they won't be lost even if they do rattle out of the envelopes). Third, it comes with a pack of envelopes (self-sealing and reusable) to save your own seeds or to repackage those from other sources. There are headings on the envelopes to record all the pertinent information. And finally, we include a useful information sheet that tells you just about everything you ever need to know about saving seeds.

Measures 9" × 14 1/2" × 2 1/2". The binder comes with six plastic sleeves (enough to hold 36 seed envelopes), 20 envelopes, and the seed information sheet. Each seed keeper can hold up to 30 plastic sleeves (180 seed packages), depending on the size of the seeds.

Bound to be one of your most appreciated gardening items.

Made in Canada.

Online only.

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