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Most control valves and faucets have internal mechanisms that substantially reduce water flow, even when they are completely open. They are also commonly difficult to operate.

This shut-off valve overcomes both problems. The internal mechanism is a cross-drilled ball that can be fully opened or fully closed in a quarter turn.

The polished stainless-steel ball in an all-brass body operates with a 3 1/2" long handle that is a breeze to turn. The oversized internal openings dramatically increase water flow compared with other in-line valves. It makes a wonderful in-line shut-off valve to let you control sprinklers without having to run back to the hose bib every time.

For cantankerous faucets, you can attach one directly, turn the faucet on full and then use the smoothly functioning ball valve for shut-off or general control the rest of the summer. The valve has standard male and female fittings.

An excellent valve at a remarkable price.

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