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All too often, hoses labelled as "lightweight" are also "light-duty" since they are made of poor-quality materials prone to kinks, splits and leaks. Not this one. It is made from rugged polyurethane with nickel- and chrome-plated fittings and nylon kink eliminators at either end. It resists abrasion, punctures, and degradation due to UV exposure, ensuring years of reliable use.

Lightweight without sacrificing strength, it has a 7/16" inside diameter (1/2" outside diameter) and is available in lengths suitable for watering suburban yards or balcony gardens. When empty, the 25' hose weighs less than 1 1/2 lb, and the 50' length weighs just 3 lb – either is a good choice for those who lack the strength to haul a heavier-gauge hose. FDA approved for use with potable water.

Made in USA.

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