The moisture content of your compost influences how quickly and efficiently materials break down. You can easily make adjustments by adding wet or dry material – but knowing when to do so is the key.

This meter has a 15" long stainless-steel probe that can take a reading from deep in the middle of the pile to let you reliably monitor the water content. It detects moisture only at the tip, and once the probe is inserted to the desired depth the needle on the display provides a reading on a relative scale from one to10.

A simple calibration screw lets you pre-set the display to indicate the optimum moisture level according to your preferences; for subsequent readings, it will show you whether moisture is higher or lower than the pre-set. It can also be used as a quick-reading probe to test relative soil moisture, as when checking the span or penetration depth of an irrigation system.

AAA battery included.

The compost moisture meter is also available as a set with our 20” compost thermometer.

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