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This reliable weather station is a great way to stay informed of current conditions inside and out, even when you’re not at home. It displays a wealth of information on local conditions, but also provides the option of internet connectivity so you can monitor sensor data on your phone or tablet.

Using the free La Crosse View app, you can connect your station and your iOS or Android device to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, allowing the station to receive AccuWeather date and time updates, forecasts and more. Through the app, you can assign photos to identify your sensor locations, share access to your data with others and even enter brief notes or reminders to appear on your station’s display. You can also expand your system by adding sensors. If you have additional Wi-Fi compatible weather stations with the La Crosse View option, you can see sensor data from multiple stations through the app. You can keep a “weather eye” on local conditions in real time, a useful feature when you want to monitor more than one residence.

With the basic features you would expect from an all-encompassing weather station, it displays indoor temperature from 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F), outdoor temperature from -40° to 60°C (-40° to 140°F) and indoor/outdoor relative humidity (from 10% to 99%), providing min/max readings for all three. It also monitors barometric trends to forecast weather changes shown as icons on the color LCD screen. In addition, it has a wind sensor that gauges current wind speed within a range of 0 to 111 mp/h (0 to 178 km/h) and provides top speed history records, a useful and interesting feature for any avid weather watcher.

Both the included outdoor temperature/humidity sensor and the wind sensor transmit with a range of 400’ (120m). You can program alerts to let you know when preset temperatures, humidity levels or wind speed have been reached. Through the app, you can set the station to receive information on wind direction, forecasted high/low temperature, and chance of precipitation or severe weather for the day. The backlit display screen operates on the supplied 5.0V AC adapter and power cord or with back-up batteries. Alkaline batteries required (not included): two AA for the temp/humidity sensor, two C-size for the wind sensor, three AA for back-up of the display.

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