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Handmade in Mexico, this attractive blown-glass hummingbird feeder has two separate flower-shaped ports, each with a removable feeding tube for easy cleaning.

Just over 5" in diameter, it holds about 6.5 oz (192ml) of syrup – an amount that hummingbirds can typically consume quickly enough to avoid spoilage and waste.

It seals with an included rubber stopper that’s easy to remove for refilling, and comes with a hanging loop with a black powder-coated finish.

The National Audubon Society gives these tips to help stop the spread of bird diseases such as avian flu. Clean feeders and bird baths with a solution of nine parts water to one part bleach every two weeks. Use multiple feeders to make it easier for birds to feed at a distance from each other, and remove feces and seed casings from below feeders regularly.

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