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To attract orioles to your yard, this feeder’s design affords three ways for the shy species to access foods they prefer, including nectar, jelly and fruit.

Made from sturdy UV-resistant polycarbonate it has a bright orange lid that fits snugly onto the bowl (12 oz capacity) to hold nectar. Bee guards fit over the four feeding ports to deter bees and other insects from entering, and a built-in moat holds water to keep ants at bay. The four jelly trays (orioles love grape jelly) are also suitable for holding fruit, suet pellets or mealworms.

The feeder can be hung by the included 7" solid brass hook that also serves as a skewer for securing an orange half to the feeder, or mounted to a 5/8" diameter pole (you supply). The simple design makes refilling and cleaning easy.

Installing the feeder in mid-April is recommended to attract migrating orioles as they return to their breeding ground; may also attract flickers, other woodpeckers and hummingbirds.

The National Audubon Society gives these tips to help stop the spread of bird diseases such as avian flu. Clean feeders and bird baths with a solution of nine parts water to one part bleach every two weeks. Use multiple feeders to make it easier for birds to feed at a distance from each other, and remove feces and seed casings from below feeders regularly.

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