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Serving double-duty as a scoop and a dispensing funnel, this convenient tool makes tidy work of refilling tube-style bird feeders. Just scoop the seeds from the bag as you normally would. Then, rather than attempting to pour from the wide rim of the scoop into the narrow feeder opening, simply tip the scoop vertically and insert the 1" diameter handle into the top of the feeder.

Moving a sliding latch at the scoop base opens a port that allows seed to flow through the handle, acting just like a regular funnel. Made of sturdy, UV-stable plastic, it holds about 1.4 pints (750ml).

The National Audubon Society gives these tips to help stop the spread of bird diseases such as avian flu. Clean feeders and bird baths with a solution of nine parts water to one part bleach every two weeks. Use multiple feeders to make it easier for birds to feed at a distance from each other, and remove feces and seed casings from below feeders regularly.

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