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While solitary bees are important for plant pollination, their numbers are declining due to a loss of suitable nesting locations. This nest provides a safe place to lay their eggs, helping to boost the local population of these beneficial, nonaggressive bees.

Approved by the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, it has 20 nesting tubes of various sizes to accommodate different bee species. The space between the tubes is filled with porous volcanic stone to insulate from cold and heat, discourage mites and absorb moisture to prevent fungus growth. A pattern of broken color on the exterior draws the attention of bees, and a plastic shield on the front protects the tubes from being pulled out by birds and rodents.

Made of ABS plastic, the nest is 5" long overall and mounts easily with two included nails. With a few plants to supply edible pollen growing in your garden (a list of suitable plants is included), you’ll attract your first pollen bees in no time, and their descendants will continue to use the nest – and benefit your garden – year after year.

Made in Canada.