Accessibility Statement


Dear Customer,

As you may have noticed, you have in your hands a hardware catalog that is much larger than the one we published last year. In fact, it is some 28 pages larger and has 800 more products in it. Not all of these products are eye-catchers; some you may not even notice.

For example, we now carry Euro screws (see page 82), those short fat-bodied screws used in kitchen cabinets built on the 32mm system. Most of you will not only be unimpressed with this information, but will probably wonder what our motivation was to include such a product. Be assured that such screws are hard to find and we view our role as making available the low-volume things that are hard to find as well as the high-volume things that pay the rent. The trick for us is to maintain a balance that keeps you happy. If you see the catalog shrinking some year instead of expanding, you will know that we misjudged the balance somewhere.

Yours sincerely,

Leonard G. Lee