Dear Customer,

It’s almost impossible to write this letter without acknowledging the turmoil in the global economy over the past 12 months. In fact, there has already been a subtle impact on our product offering, as we’ve lost a number of long-term suppliers and continue to struggle to replace many missing products.

I am pleased to report that we’ll be coming out of this recession with the same number of staff that we went into it with, having tightened our collective corporate belts in other ways. There’s nothing like a little adversity to refocus one’s attention, and ours has been focused on expanding our domestic manufacturing capability and capacity. You will see some of the results of those efforts in this catalog: the new small shoulder plane, two new saws, and the tapered tenon cutters, as well as the surface vise on the facing page.

This is just the start of what will be an excellent year for new product releases, with more coming at regular intervals through the fall, and continuing well into spring. Additionally, watch for enhancements and changes to our website, catalogs, and retail stores – we've been equally busy on those fronts.


Robin C. Lee