Accessibility Statement


A doorstop isn’t the sort of thing most people notice, let alone get excited about, but this one really caught our attention the first time we tried it.

It’s entirely foot-operated, so you can engage or release it without having to stoop or put down whatever you’re carrying. Just step lightly onto the end to pivot it into position, and when you’re done, a quick foot-tap on the pedal pops the spring-loaded leg up and out of the way.

It holds firmly in each position – when it’s up, it stays up, and when it’s down, it stays down. The soft, non-marking synthetic-rubber shoe grips well on tile, concrete, wooden floors or low-pile carpet.

Installation is easy (mounting template and wood screws included) and you can adjust the length of the leg up to 1/4" to fine-tune the fit. Sturdily made from zinc alloy with brass and steel components, available in satin nickel and antique bronze finishes.

Highly recommended!

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