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This clever hardware allows you to create a custom magnetic latch using a knob of your choice.

The zinc-alloy body contains two 10mm rare-earth magnets that align when the knob is in the "on" position, attracting the latch to the steel strike plate with 10 lb of force.

In the "off" position, the magnets counteract each other to release the latch.

Available in M4 and 8-32 versions. Easily installed in a 3/4" thick door by drilling a 3/4" × 1/2" deep blind hole and a 5/16" through hole; the combined thickness of the strike plate and mounting flange matches the thickness of standard 1/8" bumper pads.

Includes two designs of strike plate, accommodating different knob locations and making the latches compatible with inset, overlay, and half-overlay doors in frameless or face-frame construction.

Mounting screws and instructions included.