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The corner connector system for the DOMINO XL DF 700 joining machine enables stable connections that can be separated again, for furniture such as beds and tables.

Complete set consisting of anchor bolts, split anchors and cross anchors for 32 corner connectors. Requires 14mm cutter. For material 30mm (1 3/16") or thicker.


  • Extremely quick due to simple milling using machine stops or pencil markings; no template or other accessories required
  • Very stable with dowel and clamping element for strong connections; high pulling and tightening distance
  • High pull-out and load forces
  • Flexible and can be detached again quickly if necessary
  • Create, build and finish full-sized constructed pieces, then quickly disassemble, move, and then reassemble with only a hex wrench
  • Complete set for 32 corner connections


  • 32 anchor bolts, SV-AB D14
  • 32 cross anchors, SV-QA D14
  • 32 split anchors, SV-SA D14

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