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For mounting large or heavy materials to a surface, each of these concealed connectors consists of two fittings that interlock to form a strong, rigid coupling. One of the fittings attaches to the mounting surface and the other to the item being secured. A locking tab ensures permanent, tamper-proof installation, but can be removed prior to assembly to allow use as a knock-down connector, letting you detach the parts whenever needed with a lift-and-pull motion.

Made from tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon, suitable for outdoor use in temperatures as low as - 60°F (- 51°C), the connectors are available in three sizes. The fittings create a small offset when surface mounted (about 3/8" for the small and medium connectors, and just under 1/2" for the large); for flush mounting, the female fitting can be concealed within a recess.

See the specifications tab for load capacity measurements.

The small size is supplied in a package of four connectors (four pairs of interlocking fittings); the medium and large come in packages of two connectors. Each requires #8 screws (not included).

Made in Australia.

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