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Designed for use with standard flat-head screws with 82° countersink heads, these machined brass washers prevent the normal tendency of screw heads to split stock.

The washer/screw combination applies force the same way a pan-head screw does, but is counterbored to a flush position. The finished work is normally sanded before varnishing, creating a smooth, finished look, with the screw head and exposed washer rim being at the same level.

These washers have a key role to play in renovations or external trim repair since they allow you to pull warped trim into place with long screws and then finish over it.

Available in three screw sizes. The required counterbore sizes are 5/16" for the #6, 3/8" for the #8 and 7/16" for the #10 washers. We recommend using a forstner bit or brad-point drill for the counterbore hole.

Can be used functionally with wood screws without an 82° countersink head, but the heads may not seat flush with the washers.

Made in Canada.