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These Blum hinges set the standard for European-style hinges. Not only are they easy to quickly install, but they remain hidden when the door is closed. Hinges are spring-loaded with two rest positions, fully open or fully closed. They are nickel plated for a clean, rust-proof finish.

This clip hinge style allows doors to be removed without tools, and without loss of adjusted positions. Fully adjustable and easily removable, they are the best choice for general applications.

Designed for use with corner cabinets where a two-piece door is desired (such as for pie-cut rotating shelves), these hinges are sprung to hold the door firmly in the open or closed position.

The first door opens 60° and then pulls the second door open. When used in combination with 170° hinges (available separately) the doors will lie almost flat against the cabinet, allowing for easy access to the back of the corner cupboard.

Sold in pairs. Screws and instructions are included. Made in Austria.

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