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This is a versatile rail for creating jigs and fixtures. Each of its four faces has a T-slot track that accepts 1/4-20 T-nuts and T-bolts. This not only lets you reliably mount the rail to a jig and easily adjust or remove it, but also provides multiple attachment surfaces for a guide or work stop.

The rigid rail is rectangular in shape (1 1/2" wide by 11/16" thick) so it can be mounted flat or on edge. The center of the track on the wide side has a V-groove for ease of drilling if you choose to mount it with screws.

You can easily construct your own custom work surface using these tracks and two layers of 3/4" thick stock. Plastic corner caps and rubber feet are available separately in sets of four to complete it.

Made in Canada from anodized aluminum, the track is available in three lengths.

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