Accessibility Statement


Easy to install, this two-tier blind-corner unit fits conveniently into your corner cabinets to maximize storage and enhance organization.

The tiers operate independently, so only one slides out at a time, making access to stored items much easier. A soft-closing mechanism prevents slamming by gently pulling the trays in for the last few inches.

In order to install the unit, cabinet dimensions must have a height of 23 5/8" to 29 1/2" (600mm to 750mm), a minimum depth of 19 5/16" (490mm), a minimum length of 33 7/8" (860mm) and a minimum door opening of 16 1/2" (420mm).

Load capacity of 10kg per tray.

Available in two versions, for left- or right-opening doors. Drilling guide, mounting hardware and anti-slip liners included.

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