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The wall-mount storage system is discontinued. We offer some components as replacement parts or for expanding a system you already own.

Versatile and easy to install, our wall-mount storage system is as useful in the workshop or laundry room as it is in the kitchen. The 16mm diameter (5/8") tubes form a continuous railing that is designed to hold a variety of removable storage units (sold separately).

Made from 1.2mm thick chrome-plated steel, the tubes are available in 600mm and 1000mm lengths. The 90° bend tube has 93mm long sides and a bend radius of 30mm.

The connectors (available separately) are made of plastic with raised ribs that provide a snug fit when coupling tubes. The end caps (also available separately) are turned brass and thread onto the end cap connectors.

Tube holders that hold the tube center 40mm from the mounting surface are sold separately.

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