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Carousels are often used in cross-corner cabinets, or to reclaim space in a blind corner.

We have three styles of heavy-duty wire carousel available: a pair of 180° frame-mount shelves (post not included), a pair of 270° post-mount shelves (post included), and a pair of 360° post-mount shelves (post included).

All shelves are 3 1/4" high.

The 180° shelves are each 750mm (29 1/2") in diameter.

The post-mount sets have a marginally smaller diameter top shelf to allow the components to nest for shipping. The 270° carousel’s top shelf has a 800mm (31 1/2") diameter, while the bottom shelf measures 830mm (32 3/4") in diameter. The 360° carousel’s top shelf has a 730mm (28 3/4") diameter, while the bottom shelf measures 760mm (30") in diameter.

Designed for cabinets 500mm (19 3/4") deep with a width of at least 900mm (35 1/2"). The 360° shelves are for use in diagonal-front cabinets.

All sets include installation instructions and all necessary mounting hardware.

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