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To make the most of available space, this top-of-the-line sliding cabinet unit has all-steel ball-bearing slides for quiet, smooth operation. Storage compartments have rigid, high-density fiber panel bottoms with an easy-to-clean, non-slip coating to help prevent stored items from shifting. Designed for ease of installation, it is made of heavy-gauge steel wire (0.2" or 0.25" thick) with a tough epoxy coating in a matte silver-gray finish. Made in Italy, this is a reliable storage unit, built to last a lifetime.

This space-efficient vertical unit links to the cabinet door with an articulating arm. As you open the door, the five shelves are drawn forward from the cabinet interior, so it’s easier to view and reach items.

It is height adjustable to mount to the top and bottom of any right- or left-opening cabinet from 192 to 209cm (75 1/2" to 82 1/4") tall and at least 49cm (19 1/4") deep, with an interior width of at least 38cm (15").

Shelves measure 30cm wide by 35cm deep by 8cm tall (about 12" × 14" × 3") and are height adjustable in 7cm (2 3/4") increments to permit limited variable shelf spacing.

Supplied with all mounting hardware and instructions.