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A standard power supply comes prewired with a 60" (1.5m) AC cord with a plug end for use in a standard 120VAC outlet and the output (DC) side equipped with color-coded lead wires or a DC plug.

Select a power supply based on the total wattage required for your lighting arrangement (at full brightness), choosing one with an output equal to or greater than your calculated need (see charts in the specifications tab).

The 12W to 60W power supplies are rated for indoor installation only, but can be used to power outdoor lighting; simply install the power supply indoors and run outdoor-rated wiring from it to the lights. They’re highly efficient and stable, ideal for steady lighting, with automatic shut-off in case of faults such as power surges, short circuits and overheating.

The 100W power supply is certified for use in damp environments (IP67 rating). If you install the 100W power supply outdoors, we recommend consulting your local electrical building code before connecting it to household electrical power.

It is advisable to install any outdoor power supply and electrical connections where they are shielded from exposure to the elements. cETLus listed.

For LED Tape Lighting

For tape lighting, the power requirement is determined by the wiring configuration, the LED density (# LEDs/m) of your chosen lighting and the length of the lighting. The lengths shown in the chart in the specifications tab are totals for the tape lighting (at full brightness) in various wiring configurations.

A straight-run layout uses single or multiple strips in series powered only at one end of the LED strip. A center-feed layout powers two equal legs of tape lighting from a central position; a loop-back layout has both ends of the LED tape powered simultaneously. Array layouts have several unequal lengths of tape powered from one end. Do not include the length of connecting wires when referencing the chart.

For long lighting runs, an array-based wiring configuration makes the best use of the capacity of the larger power supplies. For installations combining tape lighting and individual LED lights, the power supply should be chosen based on the sum of the two power requirements.

For Individual LED Lights

For all individual (non-tape) LED lighting, the appropriate power supply wattage is determined by the number of lights being used and their wattage at full brightness. For example, a 24W power supply effectively runs up to six of the 4W white downlights.

Exceeding the power supply’s capacity will cause the lights to flicker or appear dim. The number shown in the chart in the specifications tab indicates the maximum number of individual LED lights that can be installed per power supply.

These power supplies are compatible only with our 12V LED system and are not compatible with our 24V LED system.

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