Accessibility Statement


While not required to operate LED lighting, this wireless switch lets you remotely turn your LED lighting on or off. (If you are ordering either our wireless touchpad dimmer or wireless Color-Controlled (RGB) controller, note that each of these devices includes an on/off switch function.) Supplied as a receiver and a remote switch transmitter. You simply plug the receiver into a regular 120V outlet and plug a 12V DC power supply into its receptacle.

The remote switch lets you turn the power on or off from up to 50' away. The switch can be mounted to a wall to operate like a traditional designer-style light switch, or converted to a small hand-held unit.

While the switch and receiver come pre-paired to operate together, one switch can be paired with multiple receivers for simultaneous multi-zone lighting control. Switches in different locations can also control the same set of receivers (e.g., at the top and bottom of a staircase). The remote operates using one included CR2032 lithium battery. 600W max. Indoor use only.