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This five-conductor wire is for linking sections of RGB W tape lights and for connecting them with a power supply or other components – four of the five conductors correspond to the red, green, blue and white LEDs, allowing separate control of each.

Flat ribbon wire is a less obtrusive choice than round wire for applications where the wiring is visible; the low-profile cross section is also useful for narrow spaces (for example, the gap between crown molding and a ceiling, for indirect lighting) and places where a bulkier wire is likely to be snagged (such as under-counter or kick plate lighting). Supplied as an 8m (26'3") length, it is easy to strip, cut and reconnect for custom installations.

Made with corrosion-resistant copper and with an external jacket of fire-resistant PVC, the 22 gauge wire is durable and suitable for temperatures up to 176°F (80°C). Optimized for use with low-voltage LEDs, it meets UL standard UL2468.

This wire is not compatible with our 12V LED lighting system.

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