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Unobtrusive and easy to install, these back-mount drawer locks have a steel cylinder with a five-disc tumbler mechanism. The housing is 1 1/4" high by 1 3/4" wide; the cylinder seats in a 11/16" diameter, 11/16" deep through hole.

In the flush-mount model, the bolt lies flush with the housing in the unlocked position, for installation at the top edge of the drawer; in the offset lock, the unlocked bolt sits 3/8" proud, allowing it to be offset from the drawer edge. The distance from the center of the cylinder to the top of the bolt in the unlocked position is 13/16" for the flush-mount lock and 1 1/4" for the offset lock.

All bolts have a 3/8" throw. Available in black and nickel finishes. Supplied with a bezel and two brass keys. All require #6 mounting screws (not included).

Made in USA.

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