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Easy to install, these mechanisms automatically open drawers or cabinet doors with just a light push. They work like the push-button on a ballpoint pen; push the drawer in (about 1/16" for the 2" size, 1/8" for the 3") and the spring-loaded piston pops forward to open the drawer. As the drawer is closed, the latch automatically resets.

The 2" long openers extend 1/2" when released; the 3" sizes extend 1 1/2". The concealed-mount versions install in a 10mm dia. hole; frame-mount styles clip to an adapter plate screwed to the inside wall of the cabinet or drawer frame with #5 flat-head screws you supply (three screws for the 2" size; four for the 3"). For a precise fit between the drawer and mechanism, the tip position of the frame-mount opener adjusts within a 1/4" range.

Made of brass, plastic and nylon. Concealed openers are gray; frame-mount openers available in white, brown and black. Sold individually.

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