Accessibility Statement


Straightforward to install and smooth in operation, these well-designed lift-stays allow unobstructed access to overhead cabinets and compartments. The surface-mount mechanisms project about 1 1/4" from the cabinet carcass and have integrated hinges for direct attachment to a cabinet door. The hinges use a clip-on feature to allow doors to be removed without tools, and without loss of adjusted positions.

A hydraulic mechanism effortlessly lifts the door through its 107° range of motion and supports it in the open position (75° and 100° restrictors are included to limit its range to available clearance). As the door closes, integral soft-close damper mechanisms slowly and silently draw the door shut, preventing slamming. The mechanisms are easily adjusted for opening and closing tension as well as for fine-tuning the door position.

Each kit includes a pair of plated steel mechanisms with plastic covers, restrictors and mounting hardware. Door must be between 205mm (8 1/4") and 600mm (23 5/8") high. Maximum door width is 1800mm (70 3/4").

To determine the size of kit required, multiply door height (mm) by the sum of the weights of the door and handle (kg). Example: for a 600mm door weighing 4kg plus a 0.25kg handle, the calculation gives 2550 (choose large kit).

Made in Austria.