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Often used where clearance in front of a cabinet or closet is too limited to permit use of conventional swinging doors, galley doors are designed to swing only a short distance into the room before travelling off to the side of the cabinet opening. These well-made galley hinges have dual-pivot arms that permit smooth, controlled motion without slamming.

The cupboard door kits use a sturdy main hinge arm that supports the weight of the door, paired with a stabilizer arm that helps regulate movement. The hinge arm attaches to the inside door face with a mounting plate that allows minor adjustment in three axes to fine tune the door position.

Both models are suitable for door panels 40cm to 90cm (15 3/4" to 35 7/16") tall and weighing up to 12kg (26.5 lb). The small version is for doors from 52cm to 60cm (about 20 1/2" to 23 5/8") wide with a minimum clearance of 27.5cm (about 10 7/8") in front of the door, while the larger model supports doors 82cm to 90cm (32 5/16" to 35 7/16") wide and requires 41.5cm (about 16 3/8") of clearance.

The kit for closets, pantries and wardrobes uses two hinge arms and a stabilizer arm, plus a vertical rod linking the two hinge arms to keep the door rigid and vertically aligned in travel. Mounting plates allow minor horizontal and vertical adjustment of the door position. For doors up to 50kg (110 lb), 78cm to 88cm wide (about 30 3/4" to 34 5/8") and 160cm to 260cm tall (63" to 102"), the kit requires a minimum clearance of 41.5cm (about 16 3/8") in front of the door.

Largely made of powder-coated steel with sturdy plastic parts, each hinge kit comes with all components and mounting fasteners required for one door, and can be installed for right- or left-handed opening.

Made in Italy.