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Used in outdoor timber-framed structures such as decks, pergolas and porches, this line of heavy-duty hardware forms strong, rigid connections with a unified, ranch-style look.

These brackets are used to secure beams at 90° to support posts. Made of hot-dipped galvanized steel with a black powder-coat finish for long-term corrosion resistance, they are compatible with ACQ-treated stock.

The brackets come in sets of two (one for each end of the beam) and adjust to accommodate normal variations in the thickness of nominal two-by lumber.

The small brackets are for beams at least 5" wide and are secured from one side with supplied screws; the large brackets are for beams at least 8" wide and require through-bolts (sold separately) spanning the full thickness of the joint. Both versions mount to posts at least 6" wide and come with fastener caps.

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