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Picture hanging kits are commonplace, but this one stands out. It isn't "padded" with inexpensive parts to create the illusion of value – we carefully chose the quantities of the components in proportions that make sense, so you get more of the parts you're likely to use most often.

We also selected them for their quality – these are all dependable hooks, hangers and fasteners, supplied in a rugged 5 1/2" square plastic case that has dividers to keep things organized. The kit provides everything you need to hang pictures on walls made of drywall, wood or masonry. And, if you run out of some items and want more, our reorder number for each is listed on the label so you can easily replace them at any time (all components are available separately).

The 129-piece kit contains:

  • Six 1" Bear Claw screws
  • Four 42mm × 7mm sawtooth hangers
  • Six 20mm × 31mm hangers
  • Four 33mm × 7mm sawtooth hangers
  • Four 16mm × 43mm hangers
  • Eighteen picture pins
  • Six #0 picture hooks (15 lb load)
  • Twenty 6.4mm × 2.1mm dome bumpers
  • Six #1 picture hooks (25 lb load)
  • 12' of braided stainless-steel picture wire (20 lb load)
  • Six #2 picture hooks (35 lb load)
  • Six Toggler drywall anchors & screws
  • Thirty-six #1 × 1/2" round-head brass screws


A useful kit at an excellent price.

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