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Deceptively simple, this product appears to be a mere piece of bent wire, yet it is a clever and effective hanger that easily installs in drywall without tools. Simply puncture the wall with the sharp point and slide the hook in until it latches. Weight on the hook flexes the spring tail, providing tension to keep the hook firmly in place.

Made of high-carbon spring steel, it is reusable and leaves a small, tidy hole that is easily concealed with a dab of compound. Projecting only 1/4", the low-profile hook (10 lb capacity) is for flush-mounting objects with keyhole or sawtooth hangers. The regular hook holds a 20 lb maximum load on 1/2" drywall, while the heavy-gauge hook supports up to 40 lb.

The low-profile and regular hooks are sold in packages of four, the heavy-gauge hook in packages of two.

Made in USA.

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