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With one of these kits, a few tools, and basic woodworking skills, you can make a musical instrument from the wood of your choice (even if you can't carry a tune!).

The 13-note kit lets you build a xylophone (properly known as a glockenspiel or metallophone because the bars are metal, not wood) that plays a single-octave chromatic scale (includes sharps and flats); the 25-note kit is for a xylophone that plays a two-octave chromatic scale. Pre-drilled for easy assembly, each zinc-plated steel bar is stamped to indicate the note.

Kits contain all required hardware, including screws and foam spacers to elevate the bars so they resonate when struck. You supply the material for the body, which can be as simple or elaborate as your skills or needs dictate. Instructions included. Makes a memorable gift.

There are several options for making a mallet; we offer a hardwood dowel and through-drilled ball, available separately, that can be used to make a simple one.

Made in Canada.

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