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To make efficient use of limited space, these telescopic aluminum slides can be used to create a pull-out counter or table surface extension that simply packs away when not needed. They are designed to be installed in any frameless cabinet, which you can either custom-build or create by converting an unused drawer. Leaf panels (you supply) can be made from the material of your choice and stacked inside the cabinet for storage.

The side-mounted slides extend to 67cm (26 3/8") long and collapse to just 25cm (9 7/8"). Each pair has a load rating of 80kg (176 lb); actual capacity depends on the cabinet material to which it is mounted, as well as how the cabinet is secured. An 18mm (3/4") minimum mounting material thickness and a 240mm (9 1/2") minimum inside cabinet width are required.

Supplied in pairs; mounting fasteners not included.