Accessibility Statement


The seed of this product was a letter and well-chewed pencil we received from the wife of a carpenter who had a safety concern. The problem was that her husband could not hold his pencil above his ear due to his hearing protectors, so he was constantly holding it in his mouth. Her concern was not only paint ingestion, but for the safety of his staff who had trouble understanding instructions issued through pencil-clenched teeth.

Our solution lay with (naturally!) rare-earth magnets. With a 1/10" × 3/8" magnet held in a specifically designed thin-walled cup to provide attraction on both faces, you wear the cup on the outside of your shirt, which clings to a galvanized disc worn on the inside of your shirt. With the included half dozen broad-faced pencil clips slid onto an assortment of your pencils (or pens), you "wear" your pencil where it is always at the ready. It is held secure enough to not fall off from movement, yet is easy to remove or reattach without having to even glance away from your work.

Should you need more than six pencil clips, we sell additional ones by the dozen.

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