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With these simple studs, you can add a magnetic tool holder just about anywhere you can drill a 1/4" hole.

With a 5/8" diameter head, the black oxide finished steel body has an embedded 1/2" rare-earth magnet at one end and a wide-thread screw base at the other. The studs can be screwed into standard 1/4" hole pegboard, or into predrilled pilot holes in wood or drywall; their aggressive threads provide excellent pull-out resistance.

The sides of the stud heads are knurled for grip, letting you screw them in by hand. The studs project 3/8" when mounted, providing tools enough stand-off to make them easy to grasp with fingertips. A soft, high-friction disc on the magnetic face makes them non-marring in use.

While the magnet is strong enough to hold items up to 1 lb, the pull-out resistance of the stud is considerably higher; any tool on the magnet will release before the stud can be pulled from the wall.

Sold in packages of four. Made in Canada.

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