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An effective way to keep pests away from the prime target areas of the face, neck and ears, this bug-proof hood is made with a matte black mesh that minimizes glare so it won’t significantly obscure vision. Roomy enough that it can be worn with or without a hat underneath, it has sturdy elastic straps that cinch under the arms to keep it held snug over the chest, back and shoulders.

Made in the USA from 100% polyester, the ultra-fine mesh has 2400 openings per square inch, providing a light, unobtrusive barrier that lets the breeze in while keeping even tiny gnats and biting midges out. It’s also surprisingly tough, with a slightly stiff texture that helps it hold its shape, creating space between the mesh and your skin so bugs can’t bite through it, while helping it resist snagging on branches as a softer mesh would.

One size fits all. Machine washable.

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