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Not only will this strong magnetic clip stay exactly where it is placed, but it will also hold up to 100 sheets of paper in its spring coil. When you pull on the knob, the steel spring stretches to accept anything from a single sheet to a clutch of paper between the coils. Releasing the knob closes the spring, securely gripping the paper.

Beyond its obvious use on a fridge, the clip will attach to any ferrous surface, making it excellent for holding project plans and drawings on chalkless blackboards and enameled steel panels. Glossy paper is best held under the magnet. The knob and base are turned stainless steel.

The 7/8" diameter base houses a powerful 5/8" rare-earth magnet and has a soft, high-friction disc to make it non-marring in use. Overall height is 3/4".

Made in Canada.

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