Accessibility Statement


This is an excellent mobile mount for a cell phone, small tablet or GPS. Providing an impressive range of adjustment, it uses a hemispherical steel base combined with a low-profile magnetic disc, which has a strong peel-and-stick backing for attachment to the device (or its rigid case).

The 3/4" diameter magnetic disc makes mounting your device instant and hassle free, and at only 1/8" thick, it won't interfere when carrying the device in your pocket. The hemispherical base makes it easy to adjust the viewing angle vertically or horizontally, as well as rotate the device to a portrait or a landscape orientation. A high-friction silicone pad keeps the position you set.

Additional bases for other locations are available, as well as additional magnetic discs for mounting other devices to the base. A great gift for anyone who uses a cell phone or GPS unit in a vehicle, as the secure hold resists bumps and vibration.

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