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Designed for high-efficiency wood stoves, these ingenious stovetop fans are completely silent and cost nothing to operate. Based on a phenomenon known as the Seebeck effect, Ecofans use thermocouple technology to generate an electrical current by exploiting the temperature difference between the stovetop and the ambient air. The fan speed varies with the temperature difference (greater difference, greater speed), quietly moving warm air from the stovetop. Made largely from anodized aluminum, they are an efficient way to disperse heat.

The black-finished brass propeller starts spinning as your fire builds, and continues circulating air even as the flames die down. At approximately 9" tall, the AirDeco I has an 8" diameter blade that moves 160 cfm of air at temperatures from 149° to 653°F (65.5° to 345°C), and the AirDeco II – at a height just under 9 1/2" – has a 9" blade that moves 190 cfm of air at temperatures from 158° to 653°F (70° to 345°C).

Made in Canada.

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